How do you know what to say to people going through terrible things?

One of the worst lessons of life is that things can get so much worse than you ever thought was possible.

Whatever your limit is, life will push you past it.

You wake up and you can’t fucking believe it. Everything is different.

When someone is at that moment, what do you say to them?

Life can get so much worse than you are ready for.

But actually you can handle it.

You get by.

Eventually things level out.

But at that first surprising terrible moment, how can you convince someone of that?

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    My second year of seminary I had a class with the president of the seminary, who had worked as a pastor for many years...
  2. tymethiefslongerthoughts said: You don’t convince them. You just be there for them, help them anyway you can and then when they’re ready, then you convince them.
  3. desertnur5e said: I’ve never been able to find anything in the words department that ever really justifies a comment other than “I’m here if you need me.”
  4. tweetface said: You can’t. They have to find out for themselves. I’m still waiting for the other shoe to drop.